CL Browning Ranch

Redbud Canyon in the southwest corner of the ranch is an important drainage for the great blue heron (Areda herodias) rookery located at its confluence with Honeycut Hollow Creek. While this creek might not be large enough for the herons to successfully fish, it does provide an important role in the maintenance of the rookery site by providing a source of water to wash the heron waste at the base of the tree from the creek bed.

Possum-haw holly (Ilex decidua) fruits.
The Texas redbud (Cercis canadensis var. texensis) trees in this watershed signal the arrival of spring each year with a deluge of color. Typically considered an understory tree, the Texas redbuds in this canyon find protection under a canopy of Texas red oaks (Quercus buckleyi), live oaks (Quercus virginiana), and cedar elm (Ulmus crassifolia). In the winter months, the Possum-haw holly tree brightens the bottomlands with red berries at an otherwise colorless time of the year.

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Elevation Model of Redbud Canyon.
Satellite Image of Redbud Canyon.